Elliott H. King
Art Historian & Salvador Dalí Scholar

Selected Courses Taught

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Anonymous student feedback


'Dr. King was an outstanding professor. He made me look forward to coming to class and presented the material in a way that held my interest.'

'Great professor! He made me love this field, if I wasn't a senior, I would major in art history.'

'[E]xtremely organized, straight-forward, clear and always willing to give more information, help if needed.'

'The professor is incredibly engaging and interesting and easy to follow in his lectures. Professor King is probably the best instructor I've had at [the University]. He made a subject with which I'm not very familiar (and which I thought I was going to dislike) into something really interesting.'

'Professor King is extremely interesting, engaging and knowledgeable. He is also very willing to meet with students out of class and give extra help when needed.'

'went the extra mile for everything'

'passionate about what he does and wants his students to learn'

'One of the most passionate teachers I've ever had.'

'Dr. King is a phenomenal teacher who possesses such enthusiasm and knowledge on the subject. His enthusiasm really transfers to the students.'

'the class time was highly effective and never dull'

'The class was fascinating, taught with an enthusiasm and thoroughness I've never experienced before.'

'I have never felt a two hour class go by so quickly as when Elliott is speaking.'

'He has a great, open attitude. Definitely respects each student's opinion and seeks to recognize the good in people.'

'Elliott is warm and caring with his students. He respects us and listens to our input.'

'...always helpful, always approachable, passionate about what he is teaching.'

'Always talks about the subject like it matters and it makes me feel that it matters to me, too.'