Elliott H. King
Art Historian & Salvador Dali Scholar

Curatorial Projects

Guest Curator
Morohashi Museum of Modern Art (Kitashiobara, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan), 25 April - 6 September 2020.

"Magritte: Reflections of Another World, Paintings from the Van Parys Family"
Guest Curator
The Baker Museum/Artis—Naples (Naples, FL), 1 December 2019 - July 2020.

"Frida and Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting"
Consulting Curator, High Museum of Art
Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, Canada), 20 October 2012 - 20 January 2013; High Museum of Art (Atlanta, GA), 16 February - 12 May 2013.
Catalogue published as Frida and Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting (co-authored with Dot Tuer), Art Gallery of Ontario, 2012.

"Dali: The Late Work"
Guest Curator
High Museum of Art (Atlanta, GA), 7 August 2010 - 9 January 2011.
Catalogue published as Dali: The Late Work, High Museum of Art in association with Yale University Press, 2010.

Curatorial Committees

"Dali & Film" (also "Dali: Painting and Film")
Exhibition Assistant/Researcher, Tate Modern
Tate Modern (London, England), 1 June - 9 September 2007; Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, CA), 14 October 2007 - 6 January 2008; Salvador Dali Museum (St. Petersburg, FL), 1 February - 1 June 2008; The Museum of Modern Art (New York, NY), 29 June - 15 September 2008.
Catalogue published as Matthew Gale (ed.), Dali and Film, Tate Publishing, London / Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2007.

"Dali: The Centenary Retrospective"
Exhibition Assistant
Palazzo Grassi (Venice, Italy), 12 September 2004 - 16 January 2005; Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia, PA), 16 February - 15 May 2005.
Catalogue published as Dawn Ades and Michael R. Taylor (eds.), Dali, Bompiani Arte, Milan, 2004.

"Looking With/Out: East Wing Collection No. 05"
Curatorial Committee Member
Courtauld Institute of Art (London, England), 9 November 2001 - 9 September 2003.
Catalogue published as Looking With/Out: East Wing Collection No. 05, University of London in association with Thames & Hudson, London, 2001.

Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado
Interim Curatorial Assistant, Department of Painting and Sculpture, summer 1998