Elliott H. King
Art Historian & Salvador DalĂ­ Scholar

Academic Contact Details

Elliott H. King, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Art History
Department of Art and Art History
Washington and Lee University
Wilson Hall
Lexington, Virginia 24450

To contact Dr. King about guest lectures, new projects, and/or media requests, please use the form below; alternatively, you may email him directly at EKing@dalistudies.com. Regardless of the nature of your question, he will do his best to answer all inquiries or direct you to other informative sources.

Please note that Dr. King is neither an appraiser nor an authenticator of Dali's works, and he is unable to provide information as to works' value and/or authenticity. If you have a graphic (lithograph, engraving, etc.) and would like to have it evaluated, there are many other experts who will be able to help you. Options include The Salvador Dali Society; The Dali Archives; and Bernard Ewell, A.S.A.

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